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The English language is a work in progress. Have fun with it.

Jonathan Culver


This website has been developed to allow students the ability to fully understand what they listen to, read and view as well as to express themselves clearly in speech and in writing. These are critical factors in managing their personal and social well-being. Studying language and literature provides students with the opportunity to develop competence and confidence when speaking and writing for personal and public purposes in everyday activities. This website seeks to grant quick access to notes, assignments and additional information for students. Additionally, like the CSEC syllabus, it seeks to develop students’ ability to read and enjoy literary texts, to explore social and moral issues, and to evaluate the way language grows, develops and is used. The study of language and literature also recognizes the dynamics of viewing and valuing as students respond critically to the wealth of electronic media which help to shape our perceptions at conscious and unconscious levels.

Adapted from the English CSEC Syllabus

The purpose of Literature is to turn blood into ink.

T. S. Eliot